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Certified Life Coach


  About Me: I am a passionate single Mom dedicated to aging gracefully. I strongly believe in community and helping others enjoy higher quality of life regardless of age, stage or circumstance.  My own personal life struggles led me on a journey of personal growth and healing that has spanned (30) years. Supported by my strong faith and tenacity, I searched and personally tested many programs. The Dragon's Way® Wellness Program and Financial Peace University programs helped me restore the peace my family and I were missing .  These amazing results inspired me to become certified to teach and coach others. I continue to learn while on a mission to share the practical tools contained in these comprehensive wisdom-based programs.   

Take control of your money


Financial Peace University


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7 Baby Steps that lead to a Healthy Financial Life


  1. Build a $1000 Emergency Fund 
  2. Pay off Debt using a debt snowball
  3. 3-6 Months Savings
  4. Invest 15% into Retirement Funds
  5. Early College Funding
  6. Pay Off Home Early
  7. Build Wealth and Give

Take control of your health


Ever wonder why acupuncture and herbs work to help people effectively manage chronic pain and conditions?

Our programs teach you to use the principles and practical self-care tools that make these protocols so powerfully effective.  Learn more about the 

Dragon's Way Qigong® class. This program is used by thousands of people  and has empowered them to stimulate their healing power at home . 

 (6) Week Health & Wellness Class  effectively based on 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles

Learn : 

  • 10 Wu Ming Qigong Movements
  • Eating-for-Healing Plan
  • Self-Care and Stress Busters


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Welcome to this extraordinarily unique program. Dragon's Way Qigong® runs for (6) weeks. Each class lasts approximately 1-hr class and is designed to teach you how to recognize, support and re-ignite your own natural innate healing wisdom. 


Class materials are provided.


· Learn 10 Wu Ming Qigong (20 Min practice) 

· Discuss Eating-for-Healing

· Lifestyle Changes based on Traditional Chinese Medicine

· Optional Herbal Supplements (Purchased separately)


Former participants have successfully dropped excessive weight and experienced relief of anxiety, chronic pain, allergies, insomnia, depression and more. 

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Financial Peace University


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(6) Week Session - Class Materials Not Included

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Loved your last class and need a refresher? Want to continue growing and building qi in community? Join us for the next session here.

Free downloads based on traditional chinese medicine

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Autumn Fall Tips (pdf)


Winter Healing Tips (pdf)