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It is in the silence of great stress, fear and anxiety that we consider change. Like many of us, I found the courage to go after my dream when I found myself in the middle of a crisis. During the long months of recovery from Superstorm Sandy, I observed that many of my neighbors struggled to rebuild their lives.  The continuous stress and emotional strain led to poor health and added financial burdens. I felt greatly moved to share what I knew and offer hope in my community. I was fortunate to have had many years of personal development, training and tools in order to guide my recovery steps. My passion led me out of my comfort zone and into entrepreneurship.

Dragon Lifestyle was created in October of 2017 to encourage self-government, increase financial literacy and promote body-mind-spirit healing. We are located in New York and offer virtual Life Coaching sessions based on holistic and faith-based programs. Our programs were designed to provide you with the insight, practical tools and knowledge that will lead you to enjoy greater health, emotional stability and financial freedom. Each program allows you the flexibility to go at your own pace, connect through faith and cultivate steady progress in any environment.  Our collaboration will ensure you have the encouragement, accountability and the necessary information to accelerate your personal growth. Whether you are looking to manage, recover or prevent crisis, our mission is to help you accomplish your goals. A bit of Faith combined with the right tools will lead to the happier, healthier and peaceful life you deserve. 

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Home, Sanctuary or Prison?

“If home is where the heart is then it is worth evaluating how the heart and mind are connected… Taking this time to reflect on what matters, what we can control and re-prioritize can make all the difference.”