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Handmade Lava Stone Bracelet


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Do you believe that God delivers what you need when you need it?  It is no accident that you are here. Our bodies are designed to heal itself naturally. Whether you are at work, home or traveling these handmade natural stone bracelets were created to promote healing all day. Each bracelet is uniquely designed by a certified Medical Qigong Practitioner and based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. The same holistic system used in acupunture. Wear daily to boost your healing vibes. Increase the level of your healing anytime by simply adding a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to the diffuser beads.

Do you have faith enough to let go and trust that the bracelet chosen for you is what your body needs to heal?


The Mystery of Transformation


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...desperate attempts to think about the bright side and appreciate the positive things that did happen during this time failed miserably. In reaction to this traumatic event...

Healthy, Abundant, and Wise is a collection of stories that reflect the emotions, decision-points, and transformations familiar and personal to each of us. These stories are a gift of wisdom from the authors to you. Get your copy at this Special Price while supplies last.