Anxious and fighting over money again? Tired of the chronic pain, fatigue and health conditions that keep you from enjoying your life? Current lifestyle no longer working and wondering how you are going to make it another day with all the internal pressure and stress you are carrying?

God knows, we have all made decisions that resulted in regret. Fortunately for us, we can make new choices that will lead to a better future. Working together with a trusted Life Coach will help accelerate your success. Invest in the peaceful and healthy life you dream of. Don’t settle, change your future today.

“I now have an overwhelming feeling of balance and calm.”

I cannot thank Mayra enough for her intuitive insights and wisdom. For her support, encouragement and belief in me! She helped me build the tools needed, to have confidence as I move forward with grace and ease.
Eileen Sweeney

How can Life Coaching help you?


Whether you are looking to improve your health, increase your wealth or begin a total life transformation, we can help. Wondering if we can help in your specific situation? We have many effective tools as well as global partners to support you in accomplishing your financial and wellness goals. 

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Personal Attention


Emotional Support


Our programs are simple, proven and effective. We believe God answers prayers. The challenges we often face in life are the result of outdated attitudes, behaviors and a lack of knowledge. Faith can move mountains. Join the movement all around the world. 

Begin your journey to the better life you want now. 


We believe nature provides the  resources and power to support our innate self-healing capability. 

We highly recommend programs that integrate the body-mind-spirit connection.  Some of our programs combine the powerful and gentle practice of Wu Ming Qigong with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Previous participants have found relief from hypertension, arthritis, chronic back pain, anxiety and more.

Ask for more details about these incredible at home self-healing programs.

"Your Life belongs to God, your Health 

belongs to you."

- Nei Jing


The (7) Baby Steps to Financial Wealth

  1. Put $1000 in a beginner emergency fund.
  2. Pay off Debt using the debt snowball.
  3. Put 3-6 Months of expenses into savings as a full emergency fund.
  4. Invest 15% of your household income into tax favored retirement plans.
  5. Begin college funding for your kids.
  6. Pay home early.
  7. Build wealth and give.


The effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), essential oils and other natural modalities are proven by science. These effective frameworks consider the link between our behaviors, environment and overall state of wellness. Learning how to interpret the signs of imbalance in our bodies give us an opportunity to create better health.

Lower the risk of disease by learning powerful self-care routines that can be done at home to increase immune function, stimulate energy and promote a greater well-being.