I just recently completed six weeks of The Dragon's Way program under the guidance and support of Mayra Liz Sanchez. I began The Dragon's Way unsure of what I was expecting to get out of the program. Recently separated from a 13 year relationship and beginning the process of a divorce. I did not realize just how much stress and anxiety I was under.  I strongly recommend Mayra to anyone with excess weight, health issues, or any type of life struggles. The love and passion that she puts into her work is truly inspiring. Words can not express the appreciation I feel, Thank you Mayra. 

Dawn O.

"While I'm not familiar with the actual "mechanics" of Qigong, I am quite familiar with its benefits, which are obvious and sustaining. I feel physically renewed with a clearer picture of my present state. Most importantly, I feel emotionally uplifted, and leave with a joyful heart. James D.

 I am the owner of a small business in NYC and have been a client of Mayra's for many years now.  There are many challenges both physical and mental when running a small business.  When I started with Mayra, I was depressed, burnt out mentally and eating uncontrolled.  I started the Dragon's way 6 week program.  I was skeptical at first, since I am in the healthcare industry and Chinese medicine was foreign to me.  

Is a Financial Coach the same as a Financial Advisor?


The principle difference between a Financial Coach and a Financial Adviser is the area of focus and attention. A Financial Advisors goal is to focus on your monies behavior. My goal, as you Financial Coach is to help you focus on your behavior with money. Together we evaluate your specific goals and circumstances in order to create an individualized plan that you can execute with confidence. 

Helping you succeed and experience ultimate wellness are my main goals.  

What is Coaching?


 A Coach provides you the opportunity to discuss concerns and goals in a safe environment. Together we consider possible deterrents and identify solutions that will help you create a individualized plan for your success. Our collaborative effort will provide you the information, hope and accountability necessary to move forward. 


What is Dragon's Way Qigong?

Dragon's Way Qigong is a program that combines Wu Ming Qigong practice, a gentle martial art and TCM to  stimulate healing in the body.


What can I expect to happen during the program? 

Former participants have successfully dropped excessive weight and/or experienced relief of symptoms like anxiety, chronic pain, allergies, insomnia, depression.

Do I have to become religious or change my religion to benefit from these programs?

All our programs are faith-based and no one is excluded from learning and using these practices to create and/or restore balance in their life. Our programs are designed to benefit persons 18 and over. We encourage you to lean on upon your personal Faith while going through the process of change.